Frequently asked questions

What exactly is the social media maturity measure and what does it offer participants?

The social media maturity measure is an online evaluation tool which enables cities or municipalities to assess their conversation government maturity and their social media maturity. They can compare their results with cities or municipalities in and outside their country.

Who can fill out the tests?

The maturity tests are specifically designed for local governments (cities, municipalities, local councils).

What is the theoretical framework of the social media maturity measure?

We have developed a social media roadmap which shows the underlying dimensions of social media maturity. The roadmap can be found on the Opening Up website

How long will it take to complete one of the measures?

Plan to spend 20 to 30 minutes on the assessment. You will receive your results immediately after completion.

Who created the social media maturity measure?

The measure is developed by Thomas More University College (Belgium; Marijke Lemal) and its partners in the European project Opening Up (Interreg IVB North Sea Region). The measure is a result of the lessons learned in the Opening Up project on social media maturity. Based on these experiences, on extant deskresearch, on interviews with experts in the field of social media and/or local governments statements were created and re-evaluated. The measure was also reviewed by an expert panel of the Flemish organization of government communication (Kortom) and by the partners in the Opening Up project.

How accurate is the social media maturity measure?

Insights into social media for local governments are still evolving. We do not pretend to have created the most accurate calculation of your social media maturity, but we are confident that we can provide a reasonable estimate based on the experiences of a group of cities and municipalities across the north sea region of Europe in the Opening Up project. We will be working on improving this measure continuously.

Is my individual data (results) secure?

Yes, absolutely! We are seriously committed to protecting all data and personal information submitted by participants. Your participation in this research, together with your individual responses to the questions will be kept strictly confidential. You can choose to share your results through social media, but you are not obliged. Your individual data will never be used for any other purpose than benchmarking. Only averages and aggregated data will be displayed on the website and in other publications.

How up-to-date is the information I receive?

Every time a new local government joins the social media maturity benchmark, the averages are updated. After submitting your personal details, you will receive news by e-mail, informing you on the new averages.

Can I save my benchmark report?

Yes. After receiving your results you will be presented with the option: 'Save PDF'. You can also share your result with others via social media.

Where can I find more information?

The recommendations based on your results show additional (online) resources which you can use to get to know more about conversation government or social media maturity. You can also contact the project responsible of Thomas More University College: You can look at the Opening Up project outcomes at

Can I get additional coaching, advise or training on how to improve my organization’s conversation government maturity or social media maturity?

Yes you can. Thomas More University college offers training, coaching and advise on several issues relating conversation government and social media for local governments. Unfortunately our coaching and training is only available in Dutch. For more information go to

How can I contribute my thoughts and opinions?

You can send general comments or request further information by emailing the project responsible of Thomas More University College: You can follow the Opening Up project on Twitter @openingup_eu You can contact any partner of the opening up project via

Who has designed and developed the website?

The online application has been designed and developed by Wieni